Disposable Medical Devices
Mirandola (Modena)
Investment Date:
August 2020
In portfolio
Type of investment:
Management Buy-Out (MBO)

Medtech Holding

Medtech Holding is an aggregation project in the biomedical sector. The group, based in the biotech district of Mirandola (Modena), is able to offer a wide range of medical devices, both to hospitals and to the main global OEMs. The build-up project started in August 2020 with the acquisition of Sidam Group, then continued in December 2021 with the investment in Emotec.

The Sidam Group (consisting of Sidam and BTC) specialises in the engineering, assembling and packaging of disposable sets and medical devices for the transfer of medical liquids in closed, often high pressure systems, with main applications in radiology and oncology.

Emotec is a company operating in the production of medical devices for infusion and transfusion, as well as providing pharmaceutical secondary packaging services.