About us

Mindful Capital Partners (MCP) is an independent Private Equity firm, active since 2007 and investing in small and medium-sized companies which could benefit from enhanced growth strategies in international markets. Headquartered in Luxembourg, MCP boasts a consolidated presence in the Italian market. In addition, it leverages on two local investment advisers covering relevant markets, DACH Area and China.

The result is a multinational structure and team that together constitute a distinctive entity and is an important competitive advantage. Our presence in, or direct access to, different markets enables us to finalize complex transactions, identifying opportunities in particularly interesting niches, and to give full support to the growth and international expansion of portfolio companies.

A new chapter

At the start of 2022, MCP opted for a rebranding of the Company: from the historic “Mandarin” to “Mindful“. The acronym, however, remains the same, as well as the strategy, the philosophy and the team that puts our distinctive approach into practice. This choice, however, increases the sense of identity, a know-how that characterizes the Company in a rapidly and continuously evolving market.

The name’s choice was inspired by the two elements that distinguish our strategy:

a risk averse approach in investment and management decision making, which has brought us a long way from the launch of the first fund in 2007, and the increasing attention we pay to the issues of sustainability, good governance and social impact in our portfolio companies.

We are aware, first and foremost, of the critical role we play within the industrial system and of the impact that our investment choices can have on the entire universe of relationships that make up the individual companies invested in.


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Premio Demattè 2012
IX Edizione – AIFI


Awarded Best Private Equity Deal of the Year for Euticals

Premio Demattè 2016
XIII Edizione – AIFI


Honorable mention for Internationalization for Dedalus

Premio Demattè 2018
XV Edizione – AIFI


Awarded Best Private Equity Deal of the Year for ICF


Premio Demattè 2019
XVI Edizione – AIFI


Awarded Best Private Equity Deal of the Year for Marval

Premio Private Capital Tax & Legal Focus – I Edizione – BeBeez & PBV


Awarded Best Private Equity Deal of the Year for Neronobile