Investment strategy

A diversified portfolio of leading companies in attractive market niches

MCP’s mission is to create value in invested companies.

Investments are concentrated in Italy and to a lesser extent in German-speaking European countries.

The multi-sectoral approach focuses on sectors with higher added value and low cyclicality, such as, for example, the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and luxury sectors.

Target companies are leaders in their respective market niches, have a turnover between € 20 and € 100 million, a strong orientation towards exports and high growth potential in foreign markets.

The investment is generally between € 10 and € 25 million and consists of the acquisition of majority or, less frequently, minority stakes in the company. MCP considers growth by external acquisitions as a fundamental development lever: the Italian industrial reality, which is still extremely fragmented, offers many opportunities and represents the ideal context for those who, like MCP, are able to realize accelerated processes of industrial integration (Build-Up). By contrast, the use of leverage, as a source of value generation, is limited.

MCP pays close attention to corporate digitalization processes and ESG issues.

Value Creation

Enhancing value to compete in international markets

Buy & Build strategies

  • Identification of target companies to consolidate the reference market.
  • Negotiation of the purchase contract, shareholder agreement and any related documents.
  • Identification of the optimal financial structure of the operation.

Organic growth

  • Identification of green-field industrial projects.
  • Introduction of new customers/distributors.
  • Negotiation of JVs and industrial partnerships to support technological development, expand know-how and product portfolio.


  • Strengthening the organization through the employment of qualified staff. Introduction of staff training plans.
  • Rationalization of fixed capital management and optimization of the treasury management function. Expansion and diversification of the company’s lender pool.
  • Improvement in financial reporting. Implementation of ESG reporting, in accordance with market best practices.

Strategy and Governance

  • Participation, through direct presence in the governing body, to the definition of strategic guidelines, budgeting, evaluation of operational performance.
  • Introduction of organizational models and improved control mechanisms, intended to reduce corporate risk.
  • Formalization/rationalization of bonus plans, aimed at aligning the interests of the management team and shareholders.

You can find MCP Voting Rights statement here.