Bakery and pastry machinery
Isola Vicentina (Vicenza), Pesaro
Investment Date:
November 2021
In portfolio
Type of investment:
Management Buy-Out (MBO)


Waico is a build-up project based on the aggregation of three companies (Starmix, Vitella and Effedue) producing machinery for bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias. The aim of the project is to create a reference operator in a sector in which Italian companies are already world leaders, but at the same time characterized by extreme fragmentation. The integration will enable the group to generate productive and commercial synergies and to offer customers a complete range of products and services, increasing competitiveness on international markets. In November 2022 Waico continued its expansion in the pizza oven segment with the acquisition of Italforni.

Effedue develops, produces and sells spiral mixers for artisan and semi-industrial bakeries.

Starmix designs, produces and distributes industrial planetary mixers and dough sheeters, which it sells mainly to bakeries and restaurants.

Vitella is engaged in the development, production and distribution of dividers, rounding machines and presses, mainly addressed to pizzerias and artisan bakery workshops.

Italforni is specialized in the production and sale of professional electric and gas ovens mainly destined to pizzerias.