Sarcedo (Vicenza), Bologna, Segrate (Milan)
Investment Date:
September 2019
In portfolio
Type of investment:
Management Buy-Out (MBO)

Coffee Holding

Coffee Holding is a build-up project aimed at the creation of an integrated group, able to cover the entire coffee supply chain, from roasting to distribution, through a complementary mix of sales channels and a wide range of products. The purpose is to take advantage of the main market trends (such as the spread of single-use capsules and the growth of the online channel) and the opportunities for international expansion, leveraging the tradition of Italian “Espresso”. The project, which began in September 2019 with the investment in Neronobile, continued with the acquisitions of Daroma (January 2020) and Yespresso (February 2020).

Neronobile is active in the production and distribution of compatible capsules for coffee and other infusions, typically on a private label basis.

Daroma is a coffee roaster focused on the channel, featuring a portfolio of well-known Italian coffee brands, such as Palombini, Mexico and Giovannini.

Yespresso is a branded on-line retailer of compatible coffee capsules, operating under its own brand, through its proprietary e-commerce platform and a strong positioning on Amazon.