Accessories for pets and aquariums
Investment Date:
December 2021
In portfolio
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Croci Group is a leader in the development and distribution of pet accessories and aquarium’s solutions, which are characterized by a strong component of innovation, sustainability and design. MCP’s goal is to accelerate the group’s expansion into international markets.

Croci is the Italian group leader, specializing in the development of a wide range of pet accessories, such as kennels, leashes, toys, snacks and hygiene products, distributed under its own brand.

Amtra is the German-based subsidiary specializing in aquarium accessories, acquired by Croci in 2010.

Amtra-Croci Asia is the subsidiary opened in China in 2018 to develop the promising local market.

Canifrance is a historic French company specializing in high-quality collars and leashes, sold under the Bobby brand, which was acquired by Croci in early 2021.

Arppe is a family-owned Spanish company with +40 years of experience in the production and distribution of pet accessories, acquired by Croci in December 2022.