Metal accessories for luxury leather goods
Pederobba (Treviso), Scandicci (Florence), Valsamoggia (Bologna), Firenze
Investment Date:
October 2019
In portfolio
Type of investment:
Management Buy-Out (MBO)


Margot is a build-up project aimed at creating a large leading player in the metal accessories for leather goods sector, able to serve the entire Luxury market and offering a wide portfolio in terms of product categories, materials used and technologies employed.
The project, which began in October 2019 with the investment in Eurmoda, continued with the acquisitions of ABC Morini (May 2020), Alce (December 2020) and Macuz (October 2023).

Eurmoda covers the entire production process, from the development of accessories to their finishing, and has become over time one of the strategic partners of some of the leading luxury Maisons.

ABC Morini imports and distributes metal accessories for leather goods, with the option of carrying out some finishing processes internally, focusing on the premium customer segment.

Alce focuses on certain phases of production and integrates product offerings and production technologies based on its proven expertise alongside affordable luxury brands. The company was merged into Eurmoda in December 2021.

Macuz is specialized in the production and distribution of high-end brass accessories, with 70+ years of heritage in the luxury segment