Frozen food
Bedizzole (Brescia),
Castenedolo (Brescia)
Investment Date:
October 2018
In portfolio
Type of investment:
Management Buy-Out (MBO)

Italian Frozen Food Holding

Italian Frozen Food Holding is a project aimed at creating an aggregation platform in the “made in Italy” frozen food sector, able to respond to the growing demand for quality gluten-free and free-from-products, and to compete internationally. The build-up project started in October 2018 with the investment in Appetais and continued with the acquisitions of Alcass (December 2019) and Farma&Co. (October 2021).

Appetais specialises in the production of frozen ready meals and baked goods, such as gluten-free and free-from pizzas and flours.

Alcass is focused on the production of meat-based, vegetarian, vegan and meat-like ready meals.

Farma&Co.  specialises in gluten-free and free from bakery products such as: bread, pizza, focaccia, flours and cakes.

The group also launched a green-field project in the United States (IFF Inc.), opening a plant in Chicago dedicated to the production of frozen pizzas and other gluten-free products, with the purpose of ensuring better coverage in the promising local market.